Artist Feature


Working in a day care centre for dogs and raising four children, Sharon leads a busy life. In a recent interview, she described to me how alongside her everyday commitments she is dedicated to pursing her passion for drawing.

The Artist's Assistants

Sharon lives in Norwich, a Medieval city in the east of England known for its football team famously owned by celebrity cook Delia Smith. From her kitchen table with her favourite band 'The Script' playing on full volume, she can usually be found singing along and working hard creating pet portraits. Her two gorgeous tabby cats, Boris and Margo assist Sharon in her art making. “They often keep me company whilst I’m drawing,” she says, “they enjoy ‘helping’ by walking over the paper and batting pencils around.”

In Hot Demand

Consistent practice has always been important to Sharon and drawing has naturally been a big part of her life. “I am self-taught and have been drawing for as long as I can remember,” she says, “…I remember my school friends queuing up at my desk for me to draw animals for them.”  With school behind her, Sharon continues to be a popular artist to this day and has completed many beautiful pet portrait commissions over the years.

Pet Portrait Portfolio

In the past Sharon has used her skills as an artist to commemorate one of her own special dearly departed furry friends. “One of the best pieces of art I have made is a portrait of my childhood friend, Fudge the cocker spaniel” she says. Dogs seem to be especially dear to Sharon; not only does she devote much of her day to day life working with them but in our interview she mentions that in the future she would love to adopt a rescue dog. She also tells me that dogs are her favourite animal to draw and on reviewing her listing I see that most of the artwork she has chosen to show are of the canine variety.

Dogs are certainly not the only animals that Sharon has created portraits of however. Viewing her artist Instagram account, I was particularly struck by the broad range of animals Sharon has drawn previously. Not just pets; her past portfolio of work features a deer, a mouse, wolves, a lion, tigers and an owl!

Honed Skills

Working predominantly in coloured pencils, Sharon has built a great portfolio of beautifully detailed animal and pet portraits. When asked how she has developed such a refined style she says, “I do like to keep my pencils really sharp”. She also describes to me how she progressed from graphite to coloured pencils and has kept up an impressive level of work to get to where she is today. Sharon’s self-motivation and creativity and her love for all creatures great and small is clearly evident in her work. It is plain to see that over time, through her devotion to her practice, her style and skill for details is as kept as sharp and as well maintained as her pencils.

If you would like to commission a pet portrait by Sharon, please visit her listing and request a quote.